Experienced MIS, Funding and Data Consultant

Mal is a highly experienced consultant in the field of MIS and data.  He has successfully supported senior management, MIS and curriculum managers in several colleges.  At West Herts College he played a key part in college recovery and improvement through the development and implementation of timely, accurate and accessible data.  He has supported several colleges in the run up to successful Ofsted inspection, ensuring that data is well prepared and that managers at all levels are able to provide a narrative on their performance data.

Mal has good experience in supporting and challenging MIS managers and their teams in ensuring that the ILR and the funding claim are robust and audit proof.


Specialisms / Skills

  • ILR integrity
  • Funding maximisation andf business planning
  • MIS healthcheck andf improvement planning
  • MIS structures
  • Mentoring of MIS management
  • Preparation of data for Ofsted inspection or college self-assessment
  • Training of curriculum managers in proachieve and data analysis