SEEVIC College

Dan Pearson, Principal & Chief Executive Officer

Plus Associates have worked with Seevic College as Project Managers since summer 2016 and are supporting us through a merger process as part of the Area Based Review.

Plus Associates are always professional, working at a rapid pace, offering sound consultancy and advice, as well as bringing an immense blend of expertise and access to a wide range of sector professionals and services.

Plus Associates have supported the College through a complex and rapid merger process, often going beyond their remit in the work carried out to ensure that tight deadlines are adhered to and the desired outcomes are achieved.

As well as the merger, Plus Associates are also mentoring and coaching several members of the newly appointed Senior Management Team in developing their managerial and professional skills and style.

Plus Associates not only offer consultancy, but will always take the initiative and produce high quality work themselves, rather than simply giving guidance on what needs to be done.

Therefore, Seevic College has no hesitation in recommending the services of Plus Associates.